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Could you be one of those VIP patrons?

How professional are you, and how ambitious are you going forward. To be pampered by dedicated men and women employed by the Raffles Residences cannot be a cheap affair. You can expect to pay a pretty penny when staying here. But of course, if you budget well, always planning for the long term, you will be able to manage a short holiday stay here. It works well for you if you are not currently part of the Metro Manila commute.

How to utilize the residential suites

Earlier, a brief impression was give to you on the options at your disposal. You can manage a short weekend luxury stay in Makati, can you not? In the future, when you have budgeted well, you can book longer stays. Another point worth bearing in mind is that you will be living in pre-furnished apartments with its appropriate luxurious décor already installed.

Just remember that the longer you stay at the Raffles Residences, the more you save exponentially. Longer stays afford you access to more amenities. And remember that your luxuriously appointed suites are fully equipped as modern apartments go in most high-rise urban developments in cities across the Philippines. In any case, just one short weekend or week-long stay may just persuade you to return for the longer term.

Seeing is believing. So, the next time you are in Makati, why don’t you stop by for high tea at the Raffles and see for yourself. See for yourself why it is the epitome of living a lavish lifestyle.


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